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T-Mobile Digits brings calls and texts to all your devices

T-Mobile is doing its Uncarrier thing again. As the carrier works on bringing its LTE network to US forces and ...
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Google and Slack deepen partnership in the face of Microsoft Teams

Slack and Google have vastly deepened their partnership roughly a month after Microsoft announced its competitor to the popular enterprise ...
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8 free virtual appliances you’ll love

Despite the fact there’s no such thing as a free lunch, you can download the eight virtual appliances discussed in ...
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36% off OWI Super Solar Recycler Kit – Deal Alert

Before you chuck that CD ROM, soda can or plastic bottle, exercise your kids imagination with this kit from OWI ...
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Fitbit scoops up rival fitness tracker maker Pebble

Fitbit, the maker of popular fitness trackers, has acquired assets owned by rival Pebble, including key employees and intellectual property ...
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NextVR Partners With Live Nation To Stream Thievery Corporation Concer...

Sporting and musical events are huge, engaging, and exciting pulls for audiences and the best seats at these events draw ...
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VSCO adds full RAW photo support to its iPhone app

VSCO, smartphone photographers' image tweaking app of choice, is letting iOS users tap into all the original image data captured ...
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How the tech industry helped elect Donald Trump

Nearly the entire tech industry, with the exception of PayPal founder and venture capitalist Peter Thiel, publicly lined up against ...
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November 2016 was the best month ever for App Store sales

Apple’s SVP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller announced today that the App Store had hit a new milestone. According to ...
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North Korea might have hacked the South’s cyber command

South Korea's cyber command, which was established back in January 2010 to fight off cyberattacks deployed against the country's military, ...
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Nintendo’s Switch might play Gamecube games

Following years of pining after GameCube games on the Virtual Console, it looks like Nintendo fans will soon be getting ...
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Latest Android security update fixes Dirty COW, GPS vulnerabilities

The monthly Android security update released this week fixes the serious Dirty COW privilege escalation attack that can allow malicious ...
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Arago teaches an A.I. to play games, the better to manage IT systems

If an A.I. could rule a world, would you trust it to manage your IT systems? German software company Arago ...
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Exclusive: ‘Awaken’ Wants To Be The ‘Mario Maker’ of VR Puzzle Games

At this point in the year (or my life, even) I’ve played a lot of VR games. In fact, I’ve ...
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The Khronos Group Announces New Standards Collaboration for VR Integra...

It’s no secret that at this early point in the lifecycle of VR that there are many different platforms, solutions ...
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Visualise Unveils VR Experience for Norwegian Airlines & Boeing 78...

Head to the Westfield shopping centre for a chance to checkout the experience ...
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This weekend’s MLS championship will be broadcast in VR

As virtual reality matures as a medium there are going to be fewer firsts for it. But for now, at ...
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